Which is best NX or Solidworks?

Is NX the best CAD?

To be clear, it’s not the best. Siemens NX outclasses it in every way, but for the price (free for casual use), it is simply unbeatable. Even a professional license is cheaper than OS or SW.

What is Siemens NX good for?

Siemens NX software is a flexible and powerful integrated solution that helps you deliver better products faster and more efficiently. NX delivers the next generation of design, simulation, and manufacturing solutions that enable companies to realize the value of the digital twin.

Which is better NX or Catia?

In this article, we will be comparing two multidisciplinary CAD software giants, CATIA, and NX.


The interface is not as easy to navigate and learn as NX NX has a more basic and modern interface, therefore, is easier to learn

What is NX similar to?

There are seven alternatives to NX for Windows, Linux, BSD and Mac. The best alternative is FreeCAD, which is both free and Open Source. Other great apps like NX are SOLIDWORKS (Paid), Autodesk Inventor (Paid), Catia (Paid) and PTC Creo (Paid).

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Is Solidworks the best CAD software?

Solidworks is definitely a top-shelf professional product for mechanical engineering projects. It is a very powerful CAD software providing you with complex 3D modeling tools, simulations, assemblies, and manufacturing solutions.

What is the most used CAD software?

AutoCAD. One of the oldest and most used CAD software for 2D / 3D drafting & design. It has the ability to create blueprints, equipment layouts, section planes, model documentation, and more.

What CAD does NASA use?

“We view SOLIDWORKS as the CAD leader, and the ease of the SOLIDWORKS user interface is important to us. When tools are accessible, members of our staff can express their innate creativity more freely. From conceptual design to rendering to machining, we use SOLIDWORKS for everything we do.”

What companies use NX CAD?

Companies Currently Using Siemens NX

Company Name Website Top Level Industry
General Electric ge.com Manufacturing
INFICON inficon.com Manufacturing
Apple apple.com Telecommunications
General Motors gm.com Manufacturing

What CAD does Tesla use?

CATIA is used by the motor company TESLA to create electric vehicles. According to Paul Lomangino (Engineering Tools Director at Tesla Motors), CATIA is used to incorporate product design.

Is CATIA better than Solidworks?

The Winner: CATIA

CATIA is the world’s leading solution for user experience in product design. Many people prefer Solidworks for its broad capabilities, but for companies looking to additive manufacturing and 3D modeling, CATIA is the clear winner.

Which is better NX or Creo?

When it comes to 3D CAD modeling, both Creo and NX dominate the market compared to the competition. Unlike other options on the market, they have both direct and parametric modeling capabilities. … Creo and NX both offer comprehensive 3D CAD modeling capabilities.

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How much does NX 12 cost?

NX is a modular product with a design version and a manufacturing version. The design version, NX Core Designer is $3,444 a year. NX Advanced Designer includes Core Designer but has more features, such as outing, shaping, and surface analysis tools, and sells for $6,912 a year.

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