What is structured planning?

What is structural planning?

Structure planning is a tool for managing the effects and demands of development or redevelopment of larger areas held in multiple ownership in an integrated, holistic and orderly way. It is an effective means to achieve sustainable management of natural and physical resources, particularly in an urban context.

Why is structure planning important?

Structure plans give effect to the policies and objectives set out for activity centres in state policy and provide for changing community needs. They guide the major changes to land use, built form and public spaces that together can achieve economic, social and environmental objectives for the centre.

What are the steps in structural planning?

That said, most structure planning exercises incorporate the following phases or components:

  1. Scoping and project planning. …
  2. Community and stakeholder consultation. …
  3. Engagement with Tangata Whenua. …
  4. Research and information analysis. …
  5. Urban design. …
  6. Generation and evaluation of alternatives. …
  7. Finalising the structure plan.

What are the characteristics of structural planning?

Defining a Structure Plan

  • urban consolidation and greenfield expansion.
  • the type and location of land uses that will be permitted, including development type, density and staging.
  • multi-modal transport links and connectivity (such as roading, rail, sea and air links, public transport, cycle and pedestrian access)
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What is a local structure plan?

A local structure plan deals with residential density, subdivision, and the coordination of infrastructure on a neighbourhood or smaller scale. District and local structure plans may apply to several suburbs or all or part of a townsite.

What is action area plan?

ACTION AREA PLAN means the approved plan and report indicating the detailed layout of proposed development in the Action Area, which may stipulate the land use permitted on each plot, and the extent to which the building operations may be undertaken on each plot.

What is state structure plan?

The state structure plans serve as the framework for spatial planning at the local level, in the form of a local plan or a special area plan. … A special area plan is a development plan prepared for the purpose of implementation, which is a Development Action Plan in the form of Layout Plan or Management Plan.

What is the planning structure and plan formulation process?

Plan formulation is an iterative process that establishes planning objectives, evaluates management measures that address these objectives, develops potential alternatives that meet the objectives, screens out plans based on comparison criteria, and identifies plans for implementation.

What is the planning process?

Stage 1: Identify problems and needs. Stage 2: Develop goals and objectives. Stage 3: Develop alternative strategies. Stage 4: Select strategies and develop a detailed plan. Stage 5: Design a monitoring and evaluation plan.

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