Which command is used for saving the components designed in Solidworks?

How do you save in SOLIDWORKS?

Saves the active document with a new name or saves it in a different format for export to another application. To display this dialog box: Click Save As (Standard toolbar) or File > Save As.

What are SOLIDWORKS commands?


  • Ctrl + O for File, Open.
  • Ctrl + S for File, Save.
  • Ctrl + Z for Edit, Undo.
  • Ctrl + C for Copy.
  • Ctrl + V for Paste.
  • Alt + specified values Inserts standard Windows symbols: Alt + 0176. Inserts a degree º symbol. Alt + 0216. Inserts a diameter Ø symbol. Alt + 0181. Inserts a µ symbol.

What does Ctrl 8 do in SOLIDWORKS?

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Rotate Normal To: Ctrl+8. Zoom to Fit: F/Double click MMB.

What does Ctrl 7 do in SOLIDWORKS?

Ctrl-7 – Isometric – once you have solid features/ bodies on the screen, it’s helpful to view it in the standard Isometric view. We’re used to seeing everything in the “real” world in 3D, so why not look at our Parts and Assemblies that way? S key – brings up a context sensitive Shortcut bar.

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How do you save a SOLIDWORKS assembly with all parts?

With your top level assembly open, left click on a sub-assembly that you would like to save as a part and chose Open Subassembly. 2. With the sub-assembly open click File, Save as. Chose the option to Save as when prompted.

How do I save a copy of a part in SOLIDWORKS?

Save As. If you’re working with a single file you can use the options ‘Save as Copy and Continue’ and ‘Save as Copy and Open’ to duplicate files. ‘Save as Copy and Continue’ saves a file with the new name but leaves the old one on screen.

What is Ctrl Q in SOLIDWORKS?

Forced Rebuild (Ctrl+Q)

When working on a part, forced rebuild will rebuild every feature in the Feature Tree, this is different to a standard rebuild (Ctrl+B) which will only rebuild changed features. This Forced Rebuild will also rebuild any views on a drawing which have sketch entities or require rebuilding.

What is the command manager in SOLIDWORKS?

The CommandManager is a context-sensitive toolbar that dynamically updates based on the toolbar you want to access. By default, it has toolbars embedded in it based on the document type. When you click a tab below the CommandManager, it updates to show that toolbar.

What are the Tools in SOLIDWORKS?

SOLIDWORKS tools you can use to create complex geometry include:

  • Boundary Boss/Base (Features toolbar). …
  • Deform (Features toolbar). …
  • Indent (Features toolbar). …
  • Flex (Features toolbar). …
  • Wrap (Features toolbar). …
  • Replace Face (Surfaces toolbar). …
  • Intersection Curve (Sketch toolbar). …
  • Composite Curve (Curves toolbar).
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Where is Trimetric in SOLIDWORKS?

Click Tools > Customize and select or clear Use Large Tooltips to enable or disable the view previews. flyout button in the Orientation dialog box to select axonometric (isometric, dimetric, or trimetric) views and to set which type of axonometric view is displayed when you select a View Selector corner.

How do you pan in SOLIDWORKS?

Click Pan (View toolbar) or View > Modify > Pan, then drag the pointer . Hold down Ctrl and drag. (In an active drawing, you do not need to hold down Ctrl.) Hold down Ctrl and press the arrow keys.

How do you zoom in SOLIDWORKS?

Click Zoom In/Out (View toolbar) or View > Modify > Zoom In/Out. Drag the pointer up to zoom in and down to zoom out. Hold down Shift and drag with the middle mouse button.

How do you use mouse gestures in SOLIDWORKS?

To enable or disable mouse gestures, with a document open, click Tools > Customize. On the Mouse Gestures tab, select or clear Enable mouse gestures. To set the number of mouse gestures in the mouse gesture guide, with a document open, click Tools > Customize.

Does SOLIDWORKS have keyboard shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcuts are key combinations to quickly access functionality in SOLIDWORKS Visualize. To display keyboard shortcuts, press F12. For most keyboard shortcuts, press Ctrl to make adjustments in finer steps (typically one-tenth of the step size of the default).

How do you repeat a command in SOLIDWORKS?

Repeat Last Command

  1. To repeat the last command, click Edit > Repeat Last Command.
  2. To repeat a recent command: Right-click in the graphics area and select Recent Commands. Select a command from the list as your next command.
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