How do you sketch something on Onshape?

How do you sketch on Onshape?

Right-click on the name of the part, curve, or surface in the Part list or assembly in the Assembly list. Select Create drawing of . Choose a template. Notice that you are able to select from Onshape-supplied templates, by selecting the Onshape filter on the left (or Show Onshape drawing templates).

How do you make a design on Onshape?

Simply select the entity (part name in a Part Studio or an Assembly or Part Studio tab) right-click and select Create drawing. You have the opportunity to select a drawing template, and then the drawing is created within a new Drawing tab in your document. For more information on drawings, see Drawing Basics.

How do you make a working drawing on Onshape?

To view the Onshape templates, select the Onshape filter.

Create empty drawing

  1. Select the . DWG or . DXF file.
  2. Select an owner for the document (if available).
  3. Note the new document listed on the Documents page. (The document name is the same as the file name.)

How do you add sketches to a drawing?

Create a sketch

  1. Select the sheet or drawing view you want to associate to the sketch.
  2. On the ribbon, click Place Views tab Sketch panel Create Sketch .
  3. Use commands on the Sketch tab to create the sketch geometry.
  4. When finished, right-click and select Finish Sketch.
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How do you put shapes on shapes?

From within an Onshape assembly tab, click on the insert button to open up the insert dialog. From here, navigate to the desired Document and select the Part Studio or assembly that contains the sketches and surfaces you would like to insert.

How do you draw an isometric drawing on Onshape?

To get the “4 views” option you have to right click a part in a part studio and choose “Create drawing of … ” so Onshape knows which part in the Document you want a drawing of. Isometric views are created with the Projected view command. You can project off the front view for example to create an isometric.

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