How do I remove components from Fusion 360?

How do you ungroup parts in Fusion 360?

To ungroup objects, select a group node in the Object Lister, click it with the and choose Ungroup from the menu.

What is the difference between a body and a component in Fusion 360?

Components have their own origin planes, whereas bodies do not. We established earlier that components are parts in Fusion 360 that can have motion relationships with one and another. This is made possible due to them having their own origin planes.

How do you split a face in Fusion 360?

Splitting a face can help you isolate changes to an area of a face, which is useful with commands such as Draft or Press Pull. In the Design workspace, Solid tab, select Modify > Split Face. Select a face to split. (Hold Ctrl (Windows) or Command (MacOS) to select multiple faces.)

What is Fusion 360 rigid group?

July 11, 2018 By Kevin Kennedy. Locks the relative position of the selected components. The components are treated as a single object when moved or when joints are applied. Select the components to group together.

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How do I delete folders on Fusion 360?

Delete folders

  1. Navigate to the folder you want to delete.
  2. Hover over the folder, right-click and select Delete.

How do I delete a project on Fusion 360?

You have to go to the Data Panel in Fusion 360. Right click the project you want to delete and choose Archive. Then I guess you have to go to the cloud and choose the tab ARCHIVED and there you find it. select it and choose delete.

How do I uninstall appearance Fusion 360?

To remove an appearance from the entire design:

  1. Open the Appearance dialogue.
  2. Right click on the appearance that needs to be removed.
  3. Click Unassign and Delete. The appearance will be removed.

How do you convert a component to a body in Fusion 360?

To convert multiple assembly components back to solid bodies;

  1. Outside of undo command, the only method is to drag each body back to the root component (top browser entry), then delete the empty components.
  2. Suppressing the component function in the design timeline will move the extruded body back to the Bodies folder.

How do I move a component from one file to another in Fusion 360?

If the file only contains the one part than all you have to do is just drag the file from your data panel onto your layout in Fusion 360 (assuming that you have new design open). This will automatically prompt a “Move” dialog box to come up.

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