Quick Answer: Where can you mention the height of an OrCAD component?

What is dimensions environment how it works in OrCAD?

The Dimension Environment gives users of PCB Editor (Allegro and OrCAD) enhanced dimensioning capabilities. When a dimension is created involving one or more design database objects the dimension will subsequently remain internally ‘associated’ with those objects as well.

How do you find the component height in Allegro?

Import your netlist into PCB Editor and place your components. The HEIGHT property defined in Capture / CIS populates the PACKAGE_HEIGHT_MAX and HEIGHT if you use Show Element on a symbol. To see the components in a 3D view use View > 3D View (Allegro) or Display > 3D View (OrCAD).

How does OrCAD PCB measure distance?

To find the distance use Display -> Measure. On the right hand side select the appropriate object in find. For example, you can select Pins to find the pitch of a component. It is a handy way to know the pitch of an IC or a connector.

How do you delete a dimension in Allegro?

Deleting Dimensions

To delete dimensions, choose the Delete dimensions command and select dimension. This command dissociates the selected dimensions from the object and removes them from the database.

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