How do you edit a path in walkthrough in Revit?

How do I change a path in Revit?

To update the saved path of the Revit model and its links perform the following:

  1. Make sure all users have synced and closed out of the Revit model.
  2. Click File > Open > Project in Revit.
  3. Navigate to the existing location (or to the new location, if the model has been moved elsewhere).

How do I lower my walkthrough in Revit?

To change the speed, clear the Uniform Speed option. Displays the speed (distance per second) at which the camera travels along the path at each key frame. Speed (per sec) is determined by the accelerator value. If the Uniform Speed option is selected, all Speed (per sec) values are the same.

How do I view a linked file in Revit?

Display a Linked Model by Linked View

  1. Open the view in the host model.
  2. Click View tab Graphics panel (Visibility/Graphics).
  3. On the Revit Links tab, for the linked model, do the following: …
  4. In the RVT Link Display Settings dialog, on the Basics tab, do the following: …
  5. Click OK twice.

How do I find a linked file in Revit?

Whenever you open a project that is linked to a file, Revit retrieves the current saved version of the linked file. The path to the linked file displays in the Saved Path column of the Manage Links dialog.

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Can you animate in Revit?

An Example Revit BIM to 3D Animation project:

So, If you have 3D design content or manufacture components using BIM families, we can take that content and create an animation like this for you. You can then show off your products and design to best effect !

What is a walkthrough?

: the act of going slowly through the steps of a process, job, etc., in order to practice doing it or to help someone learn it. : an explanation or guide that tells you how to do something by explaining each of its parts or steps.

What is a linked Revit model?

Linking models is primarily intended for linking separate buildings, such as those that compose a campus. You can link architectural models, structural models, and MEP models. You can link Revit LT models to other Revit LT models. … Linked models are listed in the Revit Links branch of the Project Browser.

How do you update a linked file in Revit?

To correct this situation, reload the linked file. In Revit Architecture, click Manage tab Manage Projects panel Manage Links. In the Manage Links dialog, on the CAD Formats tab, select the linked file in the list, and click Reload. Click OK.

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