How do I unlock items in ArchiCAD?

The Edit > Locking > Unlock command unlocks the selected item(s). With the Unlock All command, you can unlock all locked elements, even if they are not selected.

How do you unlock a locked object?

To unlock all objects that you have locked

  1. Right-click the object or objects, and then choose Unlock.
  2. On the File menu, choose Unlock.
  3. Press Ctrl+Alt+U.

How do I lock a layer in ArchiCAD?

When in the Layer Settings dialogue box (Ctrl+L PC, or cmd+L for Mac) you can Lock layers off within a layer combination once items have been placed, i.e Roof Slabs, Floor Slabs, Meshes etc, this is to ensure they aren’t accidentally deleted or moved while working on your project.

How do you unlock elements in Microstation?

Select the elements using the Element Selection tool. 2. Unlock these element under the menu > Edit > Unlock.

How do I unlock a locked object in SAP?


  1. Go the transaction code SE03 or execute the program “RSWBO099” using transaction code SE38. Double click on Unlock objects (Expert tool)
  2. Below screen will appear. Enter the transport request and click execute.
  3. Below screen will appear. Click on unlock.
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How do you check if an object is locked in SAP?

To check such a lock, use the SAP transaction SM12 “Select Lock Entries”.

How do I unlock a ProjectWise file?

To Unlock a Response (ProjectWise Explorer)

  1. Expand the Deliverables Management node under your associated work area.
  2. Expand the Outgoing folder and select the Transmittals folder.
  3. Open the transmittal containing the response you want to unlock and select the Responses tab.

How do I turn off level lock?


By default, the level lock is off. You can turn this lock on through the Locks settings dialog. To display this dialog, from the main menu select Settings menu > Locks > Full.

How do you unlock levels in Microstation v8i?

Go to Level Manager and right button on the Name column, this gives you all the different columns available and click on ‘Lock’ to show this column. It is off by default. Check if the level the element is drawn has a padlock symbol. Un-tick to unlock it.

How do you make a locked object?

Create Lock objects –

Select Lock object radio button and enter the lock object name. Click on “Create” button. Step-3: It opens Dictionary: Change Lock Object screen. Step-4: Open Lock parameter tab and check the table primary key added automatically or not.

Which table field is required as lock argument in a lock object?

Only the table SFLIGHT must be included in this lock object. The flight can then be locked (with the function modules generated from the lock object) when booking. If another sales desk also wants to book seats for this flight, the lock will prevent the flight from being overbooked.

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