Your question: How do you add a datum reference in Solidworks?

How do you place a datum?

We can place the datum symbol either on the surface or on one extension line from the surface. For any surface other than a round cylinder, the datum is strictly on the side where the symbol is shown. However, for a round cylinder, the datum is the entire round surface.

How do I change the datum in Solidworks?

Editing the Origin Datum

  1. Do one of the following: Select an axis in the graphics area, then click Edit datum definition in the Hole table axis PropertyManager. …
  2. In the graphics area, select a vertex or X and Y axes.
  3. Click . …
  4. Resize and reposition the coordinate markers by dragging them.

What is datum feature symbol?

Datum symbols use either a white or black triangle. The letters indicating the datums are always oriented to the direction the reader looks at the drawing. The position of the datum symbol on the drawing is also relevant to the target area.

What is a datum reference Frame?

A geodetic datum or reference frame is an abstract coordinate system with a reference surface (such as sea level) that serves to provide known locations to begin surveys and create maps.

How do you use datum targets?

A datum target is described using a circular frame with a horizontal line drawn through the middle (datum target frame). In the bottom half of the datum target frame, you write the letter/symbol indicating the same datum as that of the entire feature, along with the number of the datum target.

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Why can’t I attach a datum feature symbol to a plane or axis?

Datum Feature Symbols can not be placed on a datum plane or datum axis, so once you convert the annotations, for any Set Datum, a new Datum Feature Symbol needs to be created and the legacy set datum tag needs to be unset.

What is primary datum?

The primary datum controls the most degrees of freedom. The tertiary datum controls the least degrees of freedom. For this example, of a block of wood, Datum A controls 3 degrees of freedom, B controls 2 degrees of freedom, and C controls 1 degree of freedom.

What are the different types of datum?

There are two main datums in the United States. Horizontal datums measure positions (latitude and longitude) on the surface of the Earth, while vertical datums are used to measure land elevations and water depths.

What is an example of a datum?

An example of a datum is a new scientific discovery used to reach a conclusion about the common cold. An example of a datum is the assumed altitude of a specific piece of land used as the basis in calculating the altitude of the top of a mountain on the land.

What is a datum line for?

datum line (plural datum lines) (engineering) A line which serves as a reference or base for the measurement of other quantities.

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