Your question: How do I show multiple windows in Revit?

How do I view multiple windows in Revit?

Drag a tab out of the Revit application window and move the view to another monitor. Press CTRL+Tab to advance through each open view sequentially (including views that have been moved out of the Revit application window). Click (Tile Views) to see multiple views at once.

How do I arrange windows in Revit?

Click View tab Windows panel (Tile Views).

Tile Views

  1. Drag views into an existing tile to group them together.
  2. Drag a tile to dock it to a particular position in the drawing area.
  3. Drag a tile out of the Revit application window and move it to another monitor.

How do I show multiple views in SketchUp?

Creating multiple views in LayOut

  1. Click on the SketchUp view you inserted into the cover page.
  2. Then, go to Edit | Copy (or right-click on the view and select Copy from the context menu).
  3. Select the Inside Page in the pages pallet, then right-click on Inside Page and select Duplicate.

How do you add a viewport in Revit?

There are several ways to add views to a sheet in Revit. You can drag and drop any View/Schedule/Legend from the Project Browser onto a sheet. As you move the cursor over the sheet in the drawing area, a viewport for the selected view moves with it. Click to place the viewport in the desired location.

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How do I open project browser in Revit?

To open the Project Browser, click View tab Windows panel User Interface drop-down Project Browser, or right-click anywhere in the application window and click Browsers Project Browser.

How do I use two screens in AutoCAD?

Open a second instance of AutoCAD.

When double-clicking a DWG file in Windows, the drawing opens in AutoCAD. Then, launch a second instance of AutoCAD from the Start menu or desktop shortcut and use the OPEN command to open a second drawing. This will allow to position the two AutoCAD instances side by side.

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