Why is the background on Onshape black?

Why is the background of my Onshape black?

I just tried Firefox, and I am back working with Onshape! Solved: brynjar_andresen in the discussion “WORKSPACE BACKGROUND IS BLACK?” suggested enable the flag in Chrome: “Override software rendering list”. That solved the problem for me to!!

Can you change the background in Onshape?

We currently don’t have a way to set the background color for the part studio and assembly. You can vote for this improvement here : https://forum.onshape.com/discussion/1362/user-interface-and-feature-tree. But such extensions should be available for other browsers too.

How do I change my Onshape settings?

Set your personal preferences

  1. Open the User menu. (click your name in the right top corner of the window).
  2. Select My account from the menu.
  3. On the page that appears, select Preferences in the left panel.
  4. Make your preferential choices about your Onshape environment.
  5. Make sure to click Save for each section.

How do you know a feature has errors?

Error Indicators

  • Color in the Feature list – When there is a problem with a feature, you may see orange text in the Feature list and dialog title.
  • When the problem lies with a single field, like an invalid entry in a numeric field, that field is outlined in red.
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Can features be repositioned in the feature list?

Reorder features – Tap the Reorder features icon in the upper right corner of the dialog then touch and drag a feature or sketch name in the list to parametrically reorder them.

What is the shortcut to deselect everything on Onshape?

The hotkey for deselecting all entities is spacebar.

What do black lines represent on Onshape?

Onshape uses colors to indicate if a sketch is under-constrained, over-constrained, or fully constrained. Entities of an over-constrained sketch will be red. Entities of an under-constrained sketch will be blue and entities of a fully constrained sketch will be black.

How do you delete dangling sketch entities?

Click Display/Delete Relations on the Dimensions/Relations toolbar, or click Tools > Relations > Display/Delete .

Under Entities,

  1. Select the entity that shows Dangling for Status.
  2. Select the entity in the graphics area for Entity to replace the one selected above to form the correct relation.
  3. Click Replace, then click .

How do I fix solidworks rebuild errors?

To control the rebuild action:

  1. Click Options (Standard toolbar) or Tools, Options.
  2. Select Stop, Continue, or Prompt for When rebuild error occurs, then click OK.
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