Where is my project base point in Revit?

How do I find project coordinates in Revit?

Click on the Manage Tab > Coordinates > Specify Coordinates at a Point. Click on the model line at the known origin point. The Specify Shared Coordinate dialog will open. Enter the coordinate values, the correct datum (Elevation) and the angle to True North.

What is project base point in Revit?

The project base point defines the origin (0,0,0) of the project coordinate system. It also can be used to position the building on the site and for locating the design elements of a building during construction.

What is internal origin in Revit?

The internal origin is the starting point for the internal coordinate system, which provides the basis for positioning all elements in the model. Note: The location of the internal origin never moves.

How do you set a project base point and survey point in Revit?

To select the project base point, move the cursor over the symbol and look at the tooltip or the status bar. If it says Site: Survey Point, press Tab until it says Site: Project Base Point. Click to select the project base point. Drag the project base point to the desired location.

How do I import coordinates into Revit?

Link a DWG File and Use Shared Coordinates

  1. Specify coordinates for the Revit model. …
  2. Click Insert tab Link panel (Link CAD).
  3. In the Link CAD Formats dialog, for Files of type, select DWG Files (*. …
  4. Navigate to the folder that contains the file to link, and select the file.
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What is a shared coordinate?

When you combine multiple models and files in a single project, use shared coordinates to establish the positions of the files in relation to each other. A Revit project has internal coordinates for all the elements that compose the model in a project. Those coordinates are known to this project only.

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