What is stacked wall in Revit?

Revit includes a Stacked Wall system family for modeling walls that comprise 2 or more subwalls stacked on top of each other. The subwalls can have different wall thicknesses at different heights. … Using stacked wall types, you can define different wall thicknesses at different heights.

What is a stack in a wall?

WallStack is a multipurpose partition wall system of a new generation. … The system works on a modular basis, allowing walls to be folded and stacked without any tools or equipment. The surface of the modules is smooth and without visible structural parts, which gives the freedom to play with different colors and styles.

What is a compound wall in Revit?

Just as roofs, floors, and ceilings can consist of multiple horizontal layers, walls can consist of more than one vertical layer or region. … It has a constant thickness and extends the height of the wall. You can change its thickness in the row assigned to it.

How do you unlock a layer wall in Revit?

Click Modify, and then select the bottom edge of the wall layer you want to be able to extend (for example, the siding). Once selected, click to unlock the padlock icon. Repeat this step for any other layers you want to be able to modify.

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How do you show wall layers in Revit?

How to display only core wall boundary or the structural part of the wall in Revit

  1. On the View menu, under Graphics click Visibility/Graphics or type vg.
  2. In the Visibility/Graphic Overrides dialog box, select the Model Categories tab.
  3. Under Override Host Layers, select the Cut Line Styles option.
  4. Click Edit.

How do you create a double wall in Revit?

To create a precast double wall: Create a structural wall. In the wall type properties, click (Edit Type). In the Type Properties, click Duplicate and create a new Double Wall type.

How do you stack walls?

Stacking Walls

  1. Plan the wall. This driveway runs along a slope, which is difficult to plant and erodes after rainstorms. …
  2. Dig a trench at the base of the slope. …
  3. Add rock. …
  4. Prep the stones. …
  5. Set the first course. …
  6. Offset the stones when stacking. …
  7. Add courses. …
  8. Landscape.

How do you split a vertical wall in Revit?


  1. Click Modify tab Modify panel (Split Element).
  2. Place the cursor on the wall or line at the point you wish to split. Note: A stacked wall can only be split vertically. …
  3. Click to place the split. A permanent horizontal line displays on the wall indicating the split.

How do I edit wall layers in Revit?

To drag wall layers, modify them in section, 3D, and elevation views.

  1. Place the cursor at the top or bottom of the wall and press Tab until you highlight the shape handle for the extendable layers. …
  2. Click to select the shape handle.
  3. Drag the shape handle up or down.
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What is a compound wall?

A wall constructed in two or more skins of different materials; e.g., a timber frame wall with brick veneer.

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