What is construction line command in autocad?

Construction lines (also known as xlines) are temporary linework entities that can be used as references when creating and positioning other objects or linework. … Specify the line on which you want to base your construction line. Enter to select points. Specify a point to define the root of the construction line.

How do you make a construction line in AutoCAD?

Create a Construction Line by Specifying Two Points

  1. Click Home tab Draw panel Construction Line. Find.
  2. Specify a point to define the root of the construction line.
  3. Specify a second point through which the construction line should pass.
  4. Continue to specify construction lines as needed. …
  5. Press Enter to end the command.

What is a construction line in engineering?

Construction lines help lay out small or detailed parts of a design on a sheet. You can draw them automatically one at a time, in sets of parallel lines, or freehand, point by point. … The automatic construction tools may create construction lines that extend from one side of the sheet to the other.

What does a construction line look like?

Construction lines are either circles or straight lines that extend to infinity in both directions. In either case, they do not change the total area of the drawing and have no effect on zooming or viewports. You can move, rotate, copy, or delete construction lines just like other objects.

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How do I remove a construction line in AutoCAD?

To Erase Construction Lines

  1. Use AMERASEALLCL to delete all construction lines from a current drawing.
  2. Use AMERASECL to delete selected construction lines from a current drawing. First corner of window: Select a point. Second corner of window: Select a point.

How do you make an infinite line in AutoCAD?

XLINE (Command)

  1. Point. Specifies the location of the infinite line using two points through which it passes. …
  2. Hor. Creates a horizontal xline passing through a specified point. …
  3. Ver. Creates a vertical xline passing through a specified point. …
  4. Bisect.

What is construction line?

ConstructionLine is a Government-run scheme, which collects, assesses and monitors your standard company information. It is the largest pre-qualification database in the UK and the UK’s leading procurement and supply chain management service.

What is the purpose of construction lines in engineering?

The purpose of construction lines is to give you an outline of what you are about to draw. Object lines are used for outlining the shape and giving it its main features.

What are the different types of construction lines?

Terms in this set (25)

  • Object Lines. also called visible lines, are used to show the main outline of the building, including exterior walls, interior partitions, porches, patios, driveways, and walls. …
  • Dimension Lines. …
  • Hidden Lines. …
  • Center Lines. …
  • Extension Lines. …
  • Cutting-Plane Line. …
  • Break Lines. …
  • Phantom Line.

What does a vertical line represent in a construction?

Vertical lines are seen as tall and represent grandeur. Horizontal and vertical lines used together in a square or rectangular shape convey structure and represent stability. Diagonal lines move the eye in a direction and indicate movement and fluidity.

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What are the lines on a blueprint called?

Phantom lines (see Figure 1-6) are thin lines used to indicate alternate positions of the parts of an object, repeated detail or the locations of absent parts. They are made by alternating one long and two evenly- spaced, short dashes, with a long dash at each end.

What type of construction drawings shows property lines?

The most common construction plans are plot plans (also called site plans), foundation plans, floor plans, and framing plans. A plot plan shows the contours, boundaries, roads, utilities, trees, structures, and other significant physical features on their sites.

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