What do you love about architecture?

It’s one of the greatest professions in the world: it’s varied, creative, challenging, even fairly secure – something hard to come by in the current economic climate. Architects get to travel, to benefit society, and to shape the world around them.

What do you love most about architecture?

Romance in architecture takes on many forms. First, there is the love between an architect and their craft. Certain architects display a special affinity for a singular material that makes them synonymous with the buildings they create. … In turn, the architects’ love of good design is broadcast to the outside world.

Why do I love architecture so much?

I love architecture because it allows me to see myself, to hear nature, and to touch God. Architecture has given me everything in my life. A home, a job, fun things to do. A place to hide, to contemplate my existence, to see myself reflected in it’s walls.

What is special about architecture?

Unique among creative and artistic professions, architecture must always reflect the age and cultural context that produced it. … Beyond merely providing shelter, architecture becomes the stage set and context for our lives.

What made you interested in architecture?

Why did you choose to study architecture? Originally I chose it because it’s a very creative profession, plus the fact that you could have something that you’ve designed realised in real life. As time progressed, I began to be intrigued by how buildings could affect the way we live, our mood and behaviour.

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Which is harder architecture or medicine?

Is architecture or medicine more difficult to study? The answer depends on your aptitudes and abilities. Medicine requires a heavy dose of science – chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, and increasingly digital skills. … Architecture requires long hours, craft skills, creativity, problem-solving, and design skills.

Is architecture a fun career?

Yes definitely it’s a pretty interesting profession. And I love being in the shoes of an architect each day. As an architect, we get to meet so many people daily, including few new people as well.

What architecture means to me?

Architecture is a passion, a vocation, as well as a science and a business. It provides a sense of place and support for all types of human activity. Architecture promotes health and well-being, enriching lives aesthetically and spiritually and creating a legacy that reflects and symbolizes culture and traditions.

What are the benefits of studying architecture?

It offers a great opportunity for individuals who have a passion and a vision to build things from scratch. By studying architecture, an individual gets to knows about diverse fields like Arts, History, Material Science, Physics, Engineering, Math, while improving human lives in the process.

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