Quick Answer: How do you change point clouds in Revit?

How do you change point clouds?

In order to edit the point cloud in the rayCloud:

  1. On menu bar, click View > rayCloud.
  2. If the densified point cloud is not loaded or displayed in the 3D view: In the section Layers on the left sidebar, select Point Clouds.

How do I change the color of my point cloud?

To change the color for an individual scan location or scan region:

  1. Click the button in the Color Mode column for the location or region.
  2. In the dialog, for Color Mode, select Single Color.
  3. Under Settings, for Color, click the color and select the desired color from the chart.
  4. Click OK.

How do I turn off a point cloud in Revit?

You can use Revit LT to open a Revit project that contains point clouds. In Revit LT, you can hide a point cloud in a view. (Right-click the point cloud and select a Hide in View option.) However, you cannot modify the point clouds.

What is the purpose of point cloud?

As the output of 3D scanning processes, point clouds are used for many purposes, including to create 3D CAD models for manufactured parts, for metrology and quality inspection, and for a multitude of visualization, animation, rendering and mass customization applications.

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How do you turn off point cloud?

To hide all point clouds in the current view, clear Show point clouds in this view. To display all point clouds in the view, select the option, and then use check boxes in the Visibility column to show or hide individual point clouds, scan locations, and scan regions.

What is point cloud format?

Common point cloud binary formats include FLS (Faro), PCD (point cloud library), and LAS. Several other regularly used file types are capable of both ASCII and binary formats. These include PLY, FBX. E57 store data in both binary and ASCII, pulling many of the benefits of both together in a single file type.

To link a point cloud file, on the Insert ribbon, in the Link panel, click Point Cloud. Revit displays the Link Point Cloud dialog. Navigate to the folder containing the exercise files.

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