Question: How do I zoom in and fit in Revit?

SHIFT+click and drag. When using the Full Navigation wheels or the mini View Object wheel, you can zoom in to an area of the model by dragging a rectangular window around the area you want to fit in the window. Hold down the Shift key and then click and drag a window around the area in which you want to zoom.

How do you zoom selected objects in Revit?

There is a built in feature in Revit to zoom-to-object. Select a line/object in the schedule, go to the planview or 3-d view, click on the viewcube. Revit will zoom into the object. If the object is not in the view it will zoom to fit.

How do you zoom in 3D in Revit?

Keyboard Shortcuts and Mouse

Press the middle mouse button to pan the view. Scroll the mouse wheel to zoom the view in and out. The position of the mouse pointer establishes the center of the zoom. In a 3D view, press Shift and use the middle button to orbit the model.

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What is the keyboard shortcut in Revit for hide elements?

Complete List of Revit Default Keyboard Shortcuts:

KB Shortcut Tool Description
PP or CTRL-1 or VP PROPERTIES; TOGGLE PROPERTIES PALETTE / Toggles the Properties palette.
VH HIDE IN VIEW:HIDE CATEGORY / Hides an element category from view.

What is Zoom to Selection?

To use Zoom to Selection –all you need to do is select elements (with mouse click, Find & Select or Ctrl/Cmd+A etc) and then go to View > Zoom > Zoom to Selection. Personally, I select the elements and then right-click the mouse – Zoom to Selection is always second from bottom. Here is a before and after example…

How do you show a ViewCube in Revit?

In a 3D view, click View tab Windows panel User Interface drop-down ViewCube. Select to show the ViewCube or clear to hide the ViewCube. Alternatively, click File tab Options. Click the ViewCube tab, select or deselect Show the ViewCube, and click OK.

Can you change the scale of a 3D view in Revit?

Use the Size Crop tool to change the size of a perspective view to place on a sheet. Select the crop boundary then click on the Size Crop tool. Use the Scale (locked proportions) to keep the same proportions. Change the values until you get the size you want.

How do I change the scale of a 3D view in Revit?

As long as it is a camera view, select the view on the sheet, and in the modify tab, select “Size crop,” check the radio button “Scale” then change the width or height to suit.

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How do I get a navigation wheel in Revit?

Note: When one of the Full Navigation Wheels is displayed, you can press and hold the middle mouse button to pan, scroll the wheel button to zoom in and out, and hold the SHIFT key while pressing and holding the middle mouse button to orbit the model. Right-click on the wheel and click Mini Full Navigation Wheel.

How do I pan in Revit without a mouse?

Display the 2D Navigation wheel, the Full Navigation wheel, or one of the mini wheels. Press and hold down the scroll wheel or middle button. The cursor changes to the Pan cursor.

What is Pan tool?

The Pan tool enables you to move the view vertically or horizontally, which is pretty handy when you’re zoomed in and can’t see your whole document page. Tip: While you’re using any tool, LayOut enables you to toggle to the Pan tool quickly and easily.

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