Question: How do I log into Solidworks PDM?

How do I log in as an administrator PDM?

While inside the Windows Explorer vault view, you can access the Administration tool shortcut from the Tools pull-down menu. This will open the Administration tool and log you in as the current user that is logged into the PDM client vault view.

How do I access PDM?

Start Windows Explorer and navigate to the vault view. Vaults are displayed with the SOLIDWORKS PDM icon next to the vault name. Local vault views appear in the location where they were created and in the Favorites list at the top of the navigation pane. Click the vault icon.

How do I access PDM vault in SOLIDWORKS?

To access files, you create a working folder on your local computer called a file vault view. Logging in to the file vault view lets you access files for which you have permissions. You check files out to edit them, so that no one else can make changes, though other users can still view and copy the files.

How do I log out of PDM?

To exit SOLIDWORKS PDM, click the SOLIDWORKS PDM icon in the taskbar and click Exit. Hover over to see the name of the logged in user. Click > Log Out to log out from Windows File Explorer.

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How do I log into EPDM?

Auto Login with SolidWorks EPDM

  1. Open the Enterprise PDM Archive Server configuration tool.
  2. Browse to Tools > Default Settings.
  3. Under “Default Login Type” select the “Automatic Login” check box. NOTE: This will ONLY work if you are using “Windows Login” as your login type.
  4. Hit “OK”

How do I add a PDM vault in SOLIDWORKS?

Creating a Vault View

  1. On the Windows Start menu, click All Programs > SOLIDWORKS PDM > View Setup .
  2. On the Welcome screen, click Next.
  3. On the Select servers screen, select archive servers from the list and click Next . …
  4. On the Select vaults screen, select vaults from the list, and click Next.

Where is the PDM vault?

To access the PDM Vault, double click on the folder with the PDM icon and the login box will pop up. If the login box doesn’t pop up you may have cancelled a previous login attempt in this case right click on the vault icon and choose login. Enter your username and password.


Perfect for small teams, SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is included with every license of SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium on subscription. This simple tool helps teams with data security, revision control, and reusing design data easily.

How does SOLIDWORKS PDM work offline?

There are two ways you can get working in the offline mode.

  1. If you are not logged into SOLIDWORKS PDM, click on the vault. You will be prompted for your login credentials. …
  2. If you are logged into the PDM, go to Tools > Work Offline. Windows Explorer will automatically close, allowing you to work offline.
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Why are my PDM folders blue?

Blue folders tell us that the folder is in the PDM vault but you are offline. On the PDM Toolbar, select Tools > Work On-line.

What does SOLIDWORKS PDM do?

With SOLIDWORKS PDM, you can create and maintain a single data location and vault that can be accessed by users to store and retrieve files. With SOLIDWORKS PDM products, data is kept secure, up-to-date, and accessible. The system eliminates duplicate work and delays, while saving time and development costs.

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