How do you use topography in Revit?

How do you do topography in Revit?

Create a Toposurface by Placing Points

  1. Open a 3D view or a site plan view.
  2. Click Massing & Site tab Model Site panel (Toposurface).
  3. On the Options Bar, set a value for Elevation. …
  4. Next to the Elevation text box, select one of the following: …
  5. Click in the drawing area to place points. …
  6. Click (Finish Surface).

How do you show topographic line in Revit?

Use the Site Settings dialog to view or change site settings. To change site settings properties, click Massing & Site tab Model Site panel . Displays contour lines. If you clear the check box, custom contour lines still display in the drawing area.

What is a Toposurface in Revit?

About Toposurfaces

The Toposurface tool defines a topographical surface (a toposurface) using points or imported data. You can create toposurfaces in 3D views or site plans.

How do I move topography down in Revit?

Go to an elevation and move it like you would with any other elements. Sometimes you just have to open the right view to see them! I think the easiest way is to click on the surface which should pop open the Tin Surface: tab, click edit surface drop down, Raise/Lower Surface.

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How do I create a topographic from DWG in Revit?

Create a 3D Toposurface from the inserted DWG file:

  1. Click the Toposurface tool on the Site tab of the Design bar.
  2. On the Design bar, click Use Imported > Import Instance.
  3. Select the DWG file.
  4. Select the layers to add points from.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Finish Surface.

Can you import topography into Revit?

On the Modify/Edit Surface tab, click Tools panel > Create From Import drop-down (Select Import Instance). Select the link in the drawing area. Select the layers to which you want to apply elevation points. Revit will automatically add a point in each vertex of the contour lines.

How do you change topography color in Revit?

To view or change toposurface or subregion properties, open a 3D view or a site plan view, and then click Site tab Model Site panel (Toposurface). Select the surface material from the list.

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