How do you use RCP in Revit?

Can Revit open RCP?

An . rcp format file is a project file that groups together multiple . rcs scan files. … Revit automatically uses this technology for indexing when you insert a raw format point cloud file into a project.

What opens an RCP file?

You can download Recomposer MIDI Sequencer Music File or Rich Chart Builder Project to open your RCP file. This will ensure that you view the file exactly as intended, unless the RCP file is corrupt. You may also Google to find out if other software packages use the same file format, and download that.

What does RCP mean?


Acronym Definition
RCP Reinforced Concrete Pipe
RCP Reality Co-Processor
RCP Rich Client Program
RCP Remote Copy Command

How do I convert XYZ to RCP?

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Launch ReCap Pro.
  2. Select New project.
  3. Import Point cloud.
  4. Give the . RCP file a name and location.
  5. Click Proceed.
  6. Hit Select Files to import.
  7. Navigate to the . XYZ files on the computer.
  8. register / index / launch the project.

What is Revit ReCap?

ReCap enables incredibly efficient workflows for users to view, organize, and prepare stunning reality capture data, including photos and laser scans, for use in Autodesk design applications such as AutoCAD® software, Revit®-based software, and 3ds Max® software.

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Do you see doors in RCP?

Do you show doors in a reflected ceiling plan? Doors and door swings should be included in a reflected ceiling plan, but marked with dotted lines so they are not confused with ceiling features.

How does View range work in Revit?

The view range is a set of horizontal planes that control the visibility and display of objects in a plan view. Every plan view has a property called view range, also known as a visible range. The horizontal planes that define the view range are Top, Cut Plane, and Bottom.

How do I edit RCP files?

You can edit this recipe file by clicking Recipe Editor on the 2pv_config window or double-click the 2pv. rcp file to open the Recipe Editor (Windows only).

How do I open a recap file?

In AutoCAD you can just go to the Insert tab and then insert a Recap file. If its from Photo, it might be different, but you can insert a point cloud from Recap Photo if that’s what you had exported from Recap Photo.

What is a PTS file?

A pts file is a simple text file used to store point data typically from LIDAR scanners. The first line gives the number of points to follow.

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