How do you unhide a solidworks body?

How do you unhide a body?

Toggling the Visibility of Bodies

In addition, you can show one or more hidden bodies by moving the pointer to the graphics area, and pressing and holding Ctrl + Shift + Tab. Hidden bodies will temporarily display as transparent and can be changed to show by clicking them.

How do you unhide in Solidworks?

Right-click a component in the drawing view or in the FeatureManager design tree and select Show/Hide > Hide Component. If the component is hidden, you can show it again by right-clicking the component in the FeatureManager design tree (not in the drawing view) and selecting Show/Hide > Show Component.

Why is my solidworks part invisible?

If the model is a part file then the most common reason that the body has been hidden by mistake, which can happen if you happen to click on hide in connection with selecting a feature.

How do you hide a body in Solidworks?

To hide a body: In the drawing view, right-click the body and click Show/Hide > Hide Body.

How do you hide multiple bodies?

With multibody parts, you can hide or show surface or solid bodies using View > Hide/Show Bodies. To hide and show bodies: Open a document containing multiple surface or solid bodies. Click View > Hide/Show Bodies.

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How do you show surface bodies in Solidworks drawing?

Open a document containing multiple surface or solid bodies. Click View > Hide/Show Bodies.

Hide and Show Bodies

  1. To preview a single hidden body, select the body.
  2. To preview multiple hidden bodies, press Shift or Ctrl and select the bodies.
  3. To remove the preview, click in the graphics area to deselect the body.

How do I find my part in Solidworks?

Locate Part PropertyManager

  1. With a part document open, click Insert > Part and select a part to insert.
  2. In the Insert Part PropertyManager, under Locate Part, select Locate part with Move/Copy feature and click .

How do you show hidden parts in Solidworks?

To select hidden components to be shown:

  1. Click Show Hidden Components (Assembly toolbar). The Show Hidden dialog box appears. …
  2. In the graphics area, select components you want to show. The components you select disappear temporarily.
  3. In the dialog box, click Exit Show Hidden.

How do you hide a part in Solidworks assembly?

To show or hide a component in all drawing views:

  1. In the assembly, create an assembly configuration.
  2. In the graphics area or the FeatureManager design tree, right-click a component and click Hide Components or Show Components .

How do you show hidden faces in Solidworks?

To show the temporarily hidden face, press Shift + Alt. To show all temporarily hidden faces in a semi-transparent state, press Ctrl + Shift + Alt. To restore visibility to all temporarily hidden faces, press ESC.

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