How do you turn off the emitter in blender?

To hide the original object or collection used for particle instances just hide them in Scene collection window. At the particle settings under the Render section untick the Show Emitter box.

How do you make a light invisible in blender?

One. In properties window, go to the Object Panel and in the Ray Visibility Sub Panel, deselect Camera. This will make the object itself invisible. Note that along with the light this object emits in the scene, any reflections or shadows it casts will be still visible.

How do you hide the particle emitter in a viewport blender?

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Create particle emitter.
  2. Turn off “Show Emitter,” under the particle render settings.
  3. Switch to Cycles or Eevee viewport render.

How do you hide lights in Maya?

Select Display > Hide > Light Manipulators.

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