How do you stretch walls in archicad?

Click on the end of the wall, drag your mouse to extend the wall and enter in the value you want the wall. If you wish to add on current wall length, press “d” and then type in the extra distance.

How do I stretch in ArchiCAD?

To stretch/shrink a straight line with the menu command:

  1. Select a line.
  2. Choose the Edit > Reshape > Stretch command.
  3. Click an endpoint of the selected line and move it.
  4. Click again to either define the new endpoint as an extension (or reduction) of the previous length.

What is Marquee in ArchiCAD?

Marquee Area. The Marquee tool is used to define areas for selection, editing and visualization. Place Marquee. 1.

How do you scale One direction in ArchiCAD?

Re: Scale in one direction

  1. save the elevation as an object.
  2. place that object.
  3. make sure the X and Y parameters are unlinked.
  4. change the X parameter to be smaller.

How do I select in ArchiCAD?

ArchiCAD Training (Best Practices Lesson 15-2)

  1. Arrow tool active -> select all elements visible in the current window.
  2. Marquee tool placed in the window -> select all elements within the marquee.
  3. Element tool (e.g. Wall, Window) active -> select all of that type of element.
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