How do you rotate a morph in archicad?

How do I rotate an object in archicad?

An Object or Lamp in ARCHICAD. To be in Elevation, Plan or Section view.

How to Rotate an object using Objective

  1. Select the Object/s you wish to Rotate.
  2. Go to Cadimage> Objective > Tools > Rotate.
  3. Then:

How do I rotate my roof in ArchiCAD?

Re: How to rotate a roof

  1. Create your eyebrow in the Complex profile window.
  2. apply it to a BEAM.
  3. Place the BEAM into the supporting roof.
  4. Apply the incline in the BEAM tool.
  5. For the SEO phase 1: use the BEAM as Operator and the ROOF as Target – subtract with extrude down.

How do I mirror in ArchiCAD?

To Drag, Rotate, or Mirror one copy of an element, select the element and choose the desired command from the Edit > Move menu or the context menu. Another way is to choose the plain Drag/Rotate/Mirror command from the pet palette, then press Ctrl (Windows) or Alt/Opt (MacOS).

How do I rotate a beam in ArchiCAD?

Select the Edit > Move > Rotate command (or Move > Rotate from the selected element’s context menu). Alternatively, click again on a node or edge of the selected element to bring up the pet palette, then choose the Rotate command. Or use the Ctrl (Cmd) + E shortcut.

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What does the Morph tool do in ArchiCAD?

Learn how to use the ArchiCAD Morph tool, a powerful and flexible modeling element. See how morphs can be quickly adapted for use as a trimming tool (creating a sculptured top for a wall), surface trim as in Tudor-style houses, and moulded casings around doors and windows.

What is the Morph tool?

Commonly viewed as Graphisoft’s answer to SketchUp, the Morph Tool is a fairly new addition to ArchiCAD that can be used to create freeform elements. It is also a powerful early design tool for massing studies and for creating custom objects.

How do you convert objects to morph in ArchiCAD?

First, place the ARCHICAD object that is similar to your final goal. Make the necessary changes on the Morph. Select the Morph, go to File> Library and Objects> Save Selection as…> Object.

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