How do you offset a single line in Sketchup?

Can you offset a single edge?

You can offset individual edges and edge loops of 2D and 3D shapes with the Offset Edge tool. This means that if you offset a single edge or sketch element, you can create a parallel edge, or sketch line or curve.

How do I offset a group in SketchUp?

Make the face you just selected into a group.

This is how you use the Offset tool:

  1. Make sure that nothing is selected by choosing Edit, Select None.
  2. Click once inside your shape.
  3. Click again outside your shape to make a second, bigger shape.
  4. Type 8 and then press Enter.

What is an offset distance?

In nuclear warfare, the distance the desired ground zero or actual ground zero is offset from the center of an area target or from a point target. Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. US Department of Defense 2005.

What is an offset tool?

: a cutting tool whose cutting edge is not in line with the shank.

What is offset in sketch?

Use the Offset command on the Sketch tab to duplicate selected sketch geometry, and position it an offset distance from the original. By default, the offset geometry is constrained equidistant (Equal constraint) from the original geometry.

Which tool is used to manipulate object in the SketchUp?

Editing Tools

Push Pull: Without a doubt Push Pull is one of the most used tools in SketchUp. That’s because it allows you to extrude a 2D surface to convert it into a 3D shape.

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