How do you make a model room in Revit?

What are rooms in Revit?

A room is a subdivision of space within a building model, based on elements such as walls, floors, roofs, and ceilings. These elements are defined as room-bounding. Revit Architecture refers to these room-bounding elements when computing the perimeter, area, and volume of a room.

How do you create a room name in Revit?

If you placed a tag with the room, name the room as follows:

  1. Click Modify | Place Room tab Select panel Modify.
  2. In the room tag, click the room text to select it, and replace it with the room name.

How do I show room area in Revit?

Revit can calculate the area and volume of rooms and display the information in schedules and tags. Room areas display on the Properties palette, in tags, and in schedules for rooms. Revit measures the perimeter of a room at a defined distance above the base level of the room.

How do you label spaces in Revit?

Add Space Tags

  1. Click Analyze tab Spaces & Zones panel Space Tag.
  2. Click space components in the view. Note: If spaces overlap where you click to place a tag, then only one space is tagged. If a space in the current model and a space in the linked model overlap, then the space in the current model is tagged.

What is room bounding in Revit?

When you turn on the Room Bounding parameter for a model element, Revit uses the element as a boundary for a room. This boundary is used to compute the area and volume of the room.

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