How do you make a hidden object not render in Blender?

How do I disable render in Blender?

In the outliner there is a filter option which allows you to enable the Restriction Toggles that aren’t displayed by default which includes Disable in Renders (camera icon). Once you have it enabled you can disable any object or collection from being rendered by clicking on the camera icon behind it in the outliner.

How do I hide an object in Blender?


  1. H will hide the selected bone(s).
  2. Shift – H will hide all bones but the selected one(s).
  3. Alt – H will show all hidden bones.

How do I render only visible in blender?

To hide objects in render mode, just select the objects to be shown in the render or select the objects to be hidden from the render and press Ctrl I to invert the selection (remember that objects to be hidden should not be selected) and then press W then select Restrict render unselected.

Can you pause a Blender render?

You must start Blender from the command line or terminal. At any time, you can completely suspend Blender by pressing Ctrl + Z from the terminal window.

How do I change the render settings in Blender?

The Render Settings

Open up a new scene (CTRL + N) and click on the camera icon in the Properties window to get to the rendering context. You should see something that looks like the image on the left. These are the default settings for Blender Internal.

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How do you hide layers in blender?

Blender provides twenty layers whose visibility can be toggled with the small unlabeled buttons in the header (see 3D View layer buttons). To select a single layer, click the appropriate button with LMB ; to select more than one, use Shift-LMB – doing this on an already active layer will deselect it.

How do I solo an object in Blender?

Select and object and press:

  1. SHIFT+H: “Isolate” the selected object. It hides everything but the selected objects.
  2. ALT+H: Exit “isolate” mode. Unhide all objects.
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