How do you make a cone in Sketchup for free?

How do you make a 3d model in SketchUp?

The Getting Started article explains how to select a template, navigate the SketchUp interface, create your very first 3D model, and save your work. The articles about drawing and viewing models explain concepts essential to modeling successfully in the third dimension.

How do you smooth a curve in SketchUp?

To smooth edges with the Eraser tool, hold down the Ctrl key (Option on the Mac) while you click or drag over the edges you want to smooth. Use the Soften Edges panel. Located on the Window menu, this panel lets you smooth a bunch of selected edges all at once, according to the angle of their adjacent faces.

Do interior designers use SketchUp?

SketchUp and Revit are both widely used in the interior design industry and both have pros and cons. Generally those who use SketchUp prefer it because it’s much easier to learn and it’s also much less expensive to purchase.

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