How do you delete files on Onshape?

How do you delete a sketch entity on Onshape?

While the sketch is open, selecting the lines first, then pressing the delete button should work.

How do I delete a folder on Inshape?

When you right-click a folder, you will have two options that allow you to remove the folder, “Unpack folder,” and “Delete.” “Unpack folder” will remove the folder and move its contents back into the Feature List. “Delete” will delete the folder and the features within it.

How do you delete a line on Onshape?

Edit the sketch, select the line, hit delete key.

Where is the detail flyout Onshape?

Copies are placed in the same folder as the document being copied, if you have Edit permission on the folder. If you do not have Edit permission on the folder, the copy is placed at the root level of your Onshape account which is My Onshape. Details/Hide details – Show or hide the Details flyout.

What are the steps to delete a portion of the drawing?

To erase a selected part of a drawing, click the Select tool (the top-right button on the toolbar) and drag the mouse across part of your drawing. Press the Delete key to remove the selected part of the drawing.

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How do you add a folder to Onshape?

Tap the My Onshape filter to organize your Documents page into listing Folders and Documents to which you have access.

Once the folder name is visible in the breadcrumbs at the top of the Documents page:

  1. Tap the Create a document icon.
  2. Specify a name for the document.
  3. Tap OK.

How do you make a folder on Inshape?

The first step is creating a folder. If you click the “Create” icon in the top-left corner of the Documents page, you will see the option to create a folder. After clicking this and typing in a name, a folder will be created which you can find under “My Onshape.”

How do you delete an Onshape phone?

Simply left click on the dimension(s) you wish to delete, and then press the “delete” key on your keyboard. Hope that Helps! If you are trying to delete from a mobile App (on android or iOS) you could view the constraints, find the dimension in the list and delete from there.

How do you hide lines on shape?

In Onshape’s recent update (Release 1.113), we released a shortcut command for this purpose. To hide all construction geometry, use the “Shift” and “P” keys simultaneously.

Are Onshape files public?

Private – Owned, visible and editable only by you. Shared – Private documents that you enable other users to view, edit, or edit and share. Public – Documents you make available for viewing and copying by all Onshape users.

How do I change the scale on my Onshape sheet?

Edit settings of the sheet:

  1. Right-click the sheet name in the Sheet flyout and select Properties. The Sheet properties modal window opens:
  2. Make changes as desired: Indicate the scale for the sheet. This is reflected in the title block and in the View properties. Specify the paper size. …
  3. Click OK or Cancel.
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