How do you create a void floor in Revit?

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How do I show a void in Revit?

You need to do Cut Geometry > object > family with void, in the project.

What is a void form in Revit?

Create negative geometry (voids) to cut solid geometry with the Create Void tool. … Click in the drawing area, and draw a closed loop that intersects solid geometry. Select the closed loop. Click Modify | Lines tab Form panel Create Form drop-down (Void Form). A void form extrusion is created.

How do you void a wall in Revit?


  1. Edit the in place wall.
  2. Create a new void extrusion that will define the opening.
  3. Use the “Cut” tool and select the void geometry.
  4. Finish the solid edition.

How do you get a void extrusion in Revit?

Click Modify | Create Extrusion tab Mode panel (Finish Edit Mode). Revit Architecture completes the extrusion and returns you to the view in which you started the extrusion. To view the extrusion, open a 3D view.

How do you select a void extrusion in Revit?

The easiest way is to hover the cursor over the wall where the edge of the void is and if you can’t click on the void edge immediately (not the void, itself), hover over the edge and tap the tab key until you cycle through all the edges and the void edge shows up.

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How do you create a void blend in Revit?

In the Family Editor, on the Create tab Forms panel, do one of the following:

  1. Click (Blend).
  2. Click Void Forms drop-down (Void Blend).

Where is create tab in Revit?

The Create Tab is only visible when working with Family Editor tools. You must be editing a family in order to have access to the tools on the Create Tab.


  • On the ribbon, click (Model In-Place). …
  • In the Family Category and Parameters dialog, select the family category, and click OK.

How do you edit a void in Revit?

Follow the steps below to edit the void.

  1. Find the void in the Project Browser.
  2. Right click on the type from the Project Browser.
  3. Click on “Select all Instances.. “
  4. Choose “In entire project”
  5. From the Ribbon select “Edit In Place”

What is a void in a wall?

1. Yes, the void is the space inside the wall. It could be between joists in a wood wall or in the channels inside concrete blocks. It basically just means empty spaces in a wall.

Why is my void extrusion orange?

“When you create a void form while in the Family Editor, it will appear in the 3D views as a transparent form and as orange lines in plan and elevation views, as long as it is not cutting any solid geometry.” So, if it’s not cutting anything, then it’ll be orange.

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