How do you copy a plan view in Revit?

How do you duplicate a view in Revit?

To duplicate a view, right-click the view title in the Project Browser. The 3 duplicate options are listed. When you select the “duplicate” option, an exact duplicate of the view is created, without the annotation and detailing items. With duplicate, only the model geometry of the view is included.

How do you copy a plan in Revit?


  1. Copy to Clipboard (CTRL+C) or from the Modify ribbon>Clipboard panel, choose Copy.
  2. On the Modify ribbon > Clipboard, click the drop down arrow under the Paste command.
  3. Select “Aligned to Selected Levels”
  4. Choose the Target level (i.e. Level 2)
  5. Switch to a 3D View to see the results.

How do you copy a view from another view in Revit?

Multiple levels as opposed to a plan view and section views), you can use copy/paste in place with the option “paste to views” and select the views you want the overlay to be copied onto.

How do you copy a view?

Create a copy of a view

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics..
  2. Click Admin, and navigate to the view you want to copy.
  3. In the VIEW column, click View Settings.
  4. Click Copy view.
  5. Give this a new view name. Use a distinct name, so you can distinguish it from the original view.
  6. Click Copy View.
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Can you copy drafting views between projects Revit?

Drafting views in Revit can be copied from one project to another using the “Insert Views from File” tool.

Can you copy views from one project to another in Revit?

You can’t copy views from one project to another project. as you mentioned, schedules you can. Did you try to create a Revit template from your existing project en use it for the new prefab project and link your new project to it. you can tag also elements in linked views, etc.

How do you copy annotations in Revit?

Click Modify | tab Clipboard panel (Copy). Note: When editing text notes, click Modify | Text Notes Clipboard panel (Copy). Paste the elements using either of the following tools: Paste from Clipboard: To copy the elements to another area of the drawing, or to another project.

How do you duplicate multiple views in Revit?

It’s real easy to duplicate views in Revit. Simply select the view in the project browser, right-click and choose “Duplicate View” from the list.

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