How do you change windows in Revit?

How do I switch between windows in Revit?

How to Switch Between Revit Views Like a Boss

  1. Click the tab.
  2. Use the Switch Windows dropdown.
  3. Use the tab key.
  4. the keyboard shortcut (WT and TW)

How do I change the view in Revit?

Use Tile Views and Tab Views to switch back and forth between tiles and tabs, depending on your current needs.

Tab Views

  1. Drag a tab to put the views in a particular order.
  2. Drag a tab to dock the view to a position in the drawing area.
  3. Drag a tab out of the Revit application window and move the view to another monitor.

How do you change hotkeys in Revit?

A common question I often receive in Revit is about how to set or edit keyboard short-cuts to access a range of commands. This can be easily achieved by accessing the keyboard shortcut editor either by typing in the shortcut ‘KS’ or via the Options menu or Ribbon. A dialogue will be displayed as per the figure below.

How do I change units in Revit?

To change units in Revit you will need to use the Project Units dialog to set project units.

  1. Click Manage tab Settings panel. …
  2. In the Project Units dialog, select the discipline.
  3. Select the value in the Format column to change the display value for that unit type. …
  4. Specify Units, if necessary.
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How do I open different views in Revit?

To open additional views of a model, double-click the view title in the Project Browser. As views are opened, additional tabs are added along the top of the canvas area. Select a tab to switch to that view. Close the view by clicking the “X” on the tab.

How do I get my views back in Revit?

right-click the view name, and click Duplicate View Duplicate. right-click the view name, and click Duplicate View Duplicate with Detailing.

How do you tile a window in Revit?

To display multiple views at the same time, tile the views. Click View tab Windows panel (Tile Views).

Tile Views

  1. Drag views into an existing tile to group them together.
  2. Drag a tile to dock it to a particular position in the drawing area.
  3. Drag a tile out of the Revit application window and move it to another monitor.

How do you use commands in Revit?

To set up custom Revit shortcuts, navigate to the File Menu > Options > User Interface. From this window, click on the Keyboard Shortcuts: Customize button. In the Keyboard Shortcuts window, you can search for a command or tool by typing the name into the Search text box.

Where is create similar in Revit?

To use create similar tool:

Go to Modify tab -> Create panel -> Create Similar ( OR “CS”as keyboard shortcut). If you have selected a component, Component tool will be active and the same type from the type selector will be automatically selected. Now, you can continue to place more instances of the same type.

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What is the shortcut key of thin line in Revit?


CM PLACE A COMPONENT / Place a component.
LL LEVEL / Places a level in view.
MD MODIFY / Enters selection mode to select elements to modify.
PP or CTRL-1 or VP PROPERTIES; TOGGLE PROPERTIES PALETTE / Toggles the Properties palette.

How do you change project properties in Revit?

Click Modify tab Properties panel (Properties). Click View tab Windows panel User Interface drop-down Properties. Right-click in the drawing area, and click Properties.

Where is Project units in Revit?

Go to the Manage Tab and select Project Units in the Settings Group: 2.

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