How do you change the direction of the floor in chief architect?

How do you rotate floors in chief architect?

To rotate a material

Select 3D> Materials> Plan Materials . In the Plan Materials dialog, select the material that you wish to rotate, then click the Copy button.

How do you change joist direction in chief architect?


  1. Select Build> Framing> Bearing Line and draw a line where you want the joist direction to change.
  2. Select Build> Framing> Joist Direction and draw a line on either side of the Bearing Line, each in the direction you’d like the joists to run.

How can I rotate my house by me?

Each item is equipped with manipulator handles for moving it sideways or lengthways, rotating it and moving it vertically. Just select the item you want to move and the handles will appear.

Do all floor joists run the same direction?

An important thing to know about joists is that they usually run in the same direction throughout a house. If the visible joists in a basement or attic run east to west, for example, you can be fairly certain the invisible joists under the bedroom floor also run east to west.

Which way should floor joist run?

In general they will run the shorter distance of the house, be it front to back or side to side. This can vary especially in newer homes with truss floors.

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How do I change the layer color in chief architect?


  1. Select Tools> Layer Settings> Display Options from the menu.
  2. In the Layer Display Options dialog: Click on a layer to select it. In the Properties for Selected Layer section at the bottom of the dialog, select the desired Color and Style for the lines representing all objects on this layer.
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