How do you change feet and inches in SketchUp?

In order to change units in Sketchup, you’ll have to open the “model info” window. To do this, hover over “window” and select “model info” from the dropdown menu. Then, select “units” from the side menu. You will see format and precision options for both length and angle units.

How do you measure length in SketchUp?

Measuring Dimensions

  1. Move your controller into view and direct your cursor over the model. …
  2. Click the model. …
  3. Click the Tape Measure icon ( ).
  4. At the prompt, move your cursor over the beginning point for your measurement and click.
  5. Move your cursor over the second point of your measurement and click.

What is length snapping?

Set the distance using a fraction, percentage, or a dimensional distance. … Select Multiple Divisions to repeat snap points along a line. For example, the SmartCursor can snap every quarter inch, or every 1/8 of the length of the line.

How do you turn on snapping in sketch?

To enable Snap To Sketch, you must be in an edit session. Make sure you are in an edit session. Ensure snapping is enabled. On the Snapping toolbar, click the Snapping menu and make sure Use Snapping is checked.

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