How do you add a surface in ArchiCAD?

How do I add an image to ArchiCAD?

Integrating Nearmap Imagery into Graphisoft ArchiCAD 17

  1. Select External Content under the File menu and choose Place External Drawing…
  2. Select your JPG of interest.
  3. Click to place the image in your desired location.

How do I change the material color in ArchiCAD?

To change the color of the material, double click on the colored rectangle to the right of the words “surface material”.

How do you add textures in archicad?

Select the “Load Libraries…” command from the “File” menu. When the “Load Libraries…” dialogue box appears, browse your hard drive until you find the folder (Project 123 Textures) that contains your selected textures. 3. Select the folder and then click on the “Add” button.

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