How do I stretch in SketchUp?

Is there an extend tool in Sketchup?

Drag your mouse in the direction you’d like the concept line to extend. Click to start a new segment or change directions. Concept line segments can extend laterally as well as vertically in 3D visual space, depending on where you drag your mouse.

How do you change the size of an object in Sketchup?

You can’t change the dimensions because that’s not how it works in SketchUp. If you know the dimensions you want for the rectangle, click and release to set the first corner. Move the mouse to drag out the rectangle in the general direction you want it. Let go of the mouse and type the dimensions.

How do I extend edges in Sketchup?

To extend an edge by a certain length:

  1. have nothing selected but the ‘Move’ tool.
  2. hover over the edge till ‘On Edge’ pops up.
  3. now press and hold down [Shift]
  4. while doing so, hover over the endpoint to be moved to make the extention, till ‘Endpoint’ pops up.

Why is SketchUp cutoff?

Another situation that can cause clipping is when the Perspective camera mode is turned off. In that case, click the Zoom Extents button (it looks like a magnifying glass with four red arrows pointing outward). The camera zooms out to display the entire model, and the clipping is eliminated.

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