How do I show lines in VRAY Sketchup?

Create a Line Rendering with Sketchup. Window > Default Tray > Show Tray. Open the default tray by navigating to “window” > “default tray” and select “show tray.” You also want to make sure “styles” are checked.

How do you render a line in rhino?

On the Render menu, click Current Renderer, and then click Rhino Render. For information about assigning render materials to objects and layers, see Material Editor. Renders the active viewport the active viewport using the pixel size of the viewport. Renders the active viewport using the custom resolution.

What is line rendering?

Line Rendering is achieved by selecting consistent line weights to indicate intersection, edges, and the extremities of surfaces. … Line rendering is based on giving an object’s features different weights so that an appearance of solidity can be formed without tone or use of grayscale and shadows.

How do you draw multiple lines in unity?

line renderer to draw multiple lines

  1. public void MoveGameObject()
  2. Pikachu. transform. position = b;
  3. }
  4. // Update is called once per frame.
  5. void FixedUpdate()
  6. a = eye. transform. position;
  7. b = Pikachu. transform. position;
  8. b. x = a. x + 1;
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