How do I select in archicad?

How do I select everything on a layer in ArchiCAD?

Ctrl-A works like this for selecting all of anything you select in the Toolbar. If you don’t want to use the Ctrl-A shortcut, you can Select the Objects icon (for example) in the Toolbar then Edit, and Select All Objects from the pop-up Edit menu.

How do I select a group in ArchiCAD?

Edit > Grouping > Autogroup, a toggle command (shortcut: Alt+G), lets you group elements at the same time you create them (instead of creating elements first and then grouping them).

How do you scale elements in ArchiCAD?

To set the scale of your drawing, click on the scale indicator at the bottom of the Archicad window and select the desired scale. The software, by default, is set to the residential scale.

How do I select all stories in ArchiCAD?

ArchiCAD Training (Best Practices Lesson 15-2)

  1. Arrow tool active -> select all elements visible in the current window.
  2. Marquee tool placed in the window -> select all elements within the marquee.
  3. Element tool (e.g. Wall, Window) active -> select all of that type of element.

How do you select the same color in rhino?

Select all objects of the same style

  1. Select one object in the model.
  2. Do a long secondary-click until the context menu appears.
  3. Choose the menu entry corresponding to your object type, go to “Select” and choose the corresponding style (i.e: Window > Select > ‘Swing Window’).
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