How do I rename a BIM 360 project?

How do I change the name of a file in Revit BIM 360?

To rename a model with BIM 360 Docs

Click the drop-down menu to the right. Click Rename. Type a new name and press Enter.

How do you rename a project in Revit?

Revit uses default names for project views.

Rename a View

  1. In the Project Browser, right-click the view name and click Rename, or select the view and press F2. …
  2. In the Rename View dialog, enter a new name for the view, and click OK.
  3. If a level and other plan views have the exact same name as the view, a dialog displays.

How do I change default project BIM 360?

Click on your user profile icon in the upper right corner and select Settings. Click on Set Default next to the hub name. To get back to your list of projects click on the B icon in the upper left corner.

What is BIM 360 now called?

Effective February 9, 2021, BIM 360 Design™ software has been renamed and upgraded to BIM Collaborate Pro™. The software now offers new modules, including Model Coordination and Insights*, and access to the new Autodesk Construction Cloud platform at no additional cost.

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How do I save a Revit model to BIM 360?

Option 2:

  1. In Revit, open or create a model.
  2. Click Collaborate tab Manage Collaboration panel (Worksets).
  3. In the Worksets dialog, click OK.
  4. Click File tab (Save As).
  5. Select Cloud Model.
  6. In the Save as Cloud Model dialog, navigate to the desired project and folder on BIM 360. …
  7. Click Save. …
  8. Click Close to continue.

How do I remove a Revit model from a BIM 360?


  1. In Revit, open the central model with “Detach from central” option selected.
  2. Save the detached model to a local or network folder with the name that will be used on BIM 360. …
  3. Switch to the Collaborate tab on the menu.
  4. Select the Collaborate button.

Where does BIM 360 save local files?

The local files for ACC (or BIM 360) are stored at the folder %LOCALAPPDATA%AutodeskRevitAutodesk Revit ####CollaborationCache, where the #### is your Revit year number. If one of your users still has a file in that folder, it can be used to copy from and replace the existing Cloud Model.

How do I create a new project on BIM 360?

Create a Project

  1. In the Account Admin module, click the Projects tab.
  2. Click Add.
  3. In the Create Project Profile dialog box, specify the project name and enter the project information. …
  4. Select a language from the BIM 360 Field Project Language drop-down list.

What is Autodesk BIM 360 Field?

BIM 360 Field is field management software for 2D and 3D environments that combines mobile technologies at the construction site with cloud-based collaboration and reporting.

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Is BIM 360 going away?

BIM 360 Design has been rebranded “Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro” to reflect the inclusion of the Model Coordination and Insight* modules, Glue, and access to the new Autodesk Construction Cloud platform.

What is BIM 360 vs Revit?

But the fact is, Revit is not BIM. BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a process/technology/ platform and Revit is one of the many BIM tools/applications available like ArchiCAD, AECOsim, Edificius etc. Thus, a 3D model designed using the Revit application is designed for BIM.

Do you have to pay for BIM 360?

Yes, a BIM 360 user can be invited to use BIM 360 without purchasing a service agreement under their own company. This falls within the terms of services for Autodesk web services/cloud products.

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