How do I make an arched ceiling in Revit?

Architecture > Build > Component >Model in Place >Ceiling > Name it -OK > Extrusion > choose as Work Plane – a vertical plane – a Grid or a Named Reference Plane. if the shape is irregular in plan view (horizontal projection) , use Void (s) to trim the margins of the ceiling to fit the walls or the desired sides…

How do you make a curved ceiling in Revit?

Go to the create command on the modeling tab and when a dialog pops up select ceiling. After that you can specify a solid extrusion and pick a work plane to draw on and then you will be able to create any shape you want.

How do I create a custom ceiling in Revit?

Create a Ceiling

  1. Open a ceiling plan view.
  2. Click Architecture tab Build panel (Ceiling).
  3. In the Type Selector, select a ceiling type.
  4. Place a ceiling using one of the following methods: Use walls as ceiling boundaries. By default, the Automatic Ceiling tool is active.

Can you use joint compound on ceilings?

Mix up a small batch of 20-minute setting-type joint compound to a peanut-butter consistency, mist the ceiling with water from a spray bottle—that ensures the compound will set properly—and apply a thin layer of compound to the ceiling with the taping knife.

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