How do I hide revision schedule in Revit?

How do you hide revision clouds in Revit?

Identify the revision that was greyed out on the sheet (by date of issue is the easiest way) and look at the right most column with the header “Show”. Make sure the option box on the right hand side of the revision is changed to show “cloud and tag”. Also, ensure“Issued” is unticked. Press OK.

How do I show revision schedule in Revit?


  1. Select the Sheet in the Project Browser.
  2. On the properties palette, Click “Edit” on parameter “Revisions on Sheets”.
  3. Activate the checkbox of the revisions which should be displayed in the Revision Schedule:

How do I change the current revision description in Revit?


  1. From the View tab > Revisions.
  2. In the Numbering drop down, select Alphanumeric or Numeric.
  3. Apply the changes.

How do you show revision on all sheets in Revit?

Or if you already updated to 2018.2, right click on Sheet browser, Expand All, highlight all Sheets + Views inside them, then Edit revisions on Sheet.

Where do I find revision clouds in Revit?

To see or change revision cloud properties, select a revision cloud in a view, and make changes on the Properties palette.

What is a revision schedule?

A revision schedule is a specific amount of time in which you revise for a subject. Evidence suggests that you should revise on one topic or subject for no longer than 45 minutes at a time before having a break and doing something completely different.

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Can you schedule revision clouds in Revit?

By default, the revision schedule on a sheet lists the revisions relating to revision clouds in the views of the sheet. If desired, you can list additional revisions on the revision schedule.

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