How do I fix my Freecad points?

How do you constrain points in FreeCAD?


  1. Press the. Point on object button in the toolbar.
  2. Use the Shift + O keyboard shortcut.
  3. Use the Sketch → Sketcher constraints → Constrain point onto object entry in the top menu.

How do I connect FreeCAD points?


  1. Select the unconnected elements in the 3D view or in the Task panel on the left side of the screen.
  2. Invoke the command using several methods: Press the. Connect edges button. Use the Z then J keyboard shortcut. Use the Sketch → Sketcher tools → Connect edges entry from the top menu.

How do I move my FreeCAD points?

Use the Sketch → Sketcher tools →

Move the mouse in the 3D view to the desired location. Left-click in the 3D view to finish the move. The existing constraints move as well. If you want to detach an element and move it freely, delete its locking constraints and drag it with the mouse.

How do I remove a constraint in FreeCAD?


  1. Go to the Sketch → Sketcher tools → Delete All Constraints menu.
  2. Reply Yes to the dialog pop up.

How do you lock a sketch in FreeCAD?

Select one or more vertices (points) in the sketch. Constrain lock button. To edit the constraints values, double-click on a constraint value in the 3D view, or double-click on the constraint or right-click and select Edit value in the Constraint list in the Tasks tab.

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How do I join lines in Freecad?

Select two or more Draft Lines and/or Draft Wires.

There are several ways to invoke the command:

  1. Press the. Draft Join button.
  2. Select the Modification → Join option from the menu.
  3. Use the keyboard shortcut: J then O.

What is a coincident constraint Freecad?

Description. Create a coincident constraint on the selected item. This constraint tool takes two points as its argument and serves to make the two points coincident. (Meaning to make them as-one-point).

How do you transform in FreeCAD?

Setting position by mouse drag

  1. Select a object to be moved and select “Transform” on right-click menu. “Transform” on right-click menu.
  2. Arrows and spheres appear for each direction X, Y, Z on 3D view. If you want to translate the object, drag an arrow. …
  3. Click OK at Task tab to finish transform operation.

How do I validate a sketch in Freecad?

Select the Sketch → Validate sketch… option from the menu. Press the. Validate sketch button (not available in the PartDesign Workbench).


  1. Press the. Leave sketch button.
  2. Press the Close button at the top of the Task panel.
  3. Use the keyboard shortcut: Esc (if enabled in the Sketcher Preferences).
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