How do I draft a surface in Catia V5?

How do I draft in Catia V5?

This task shows you how to create a basic draft by selecting the neutral element. Open the Draft2. CATPart document. Click Draft Angle .

Clicking this icon enables you to edit the element.

  1. The default angle value is 5. …
  2. click Preview to see the draft to be created. …
  3. Click More to access additional options.

How do I create a surface in Catia V5?

Creating Fill Surfaces

  1. Click Fill in the Surfaces toolbar. …
  2. Select curves or surface edges to form a closed boundary. …
  3. Select the Continuity type to specify it between any selected support surfaces and the fill surface.

What is Draft feature?

The Draft feature adds a draft angle from -89.9° to +89.9° to individual surfaces or to a series of surfaces. You can draft only the surfaces that are formed by tabulated cylinders or planes. To access the Draft feature, click Model > Draft.

How do I use draft in Catia?

Basic Draft

  1. Click the Draft Angle icon . …
  2. Check the Selection by neutral face option to determine the selection mode.
  3. Select the upper face as the neutral element. …
  4. The default angle value is 5. …
  5. Click Preview to see the draft to be created. …
  6. Click the More button to access additional options.
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How do you create a draft?

Create a Drafting View

  1. Click View tab Create panel (Drafting View).
  2. In the New Drafting View dialog, enter a value for Name, and select a value for Scale. …
  3. Click OK. …
  4. In the Project Browser, expand Drafting Views to see the newly created drafting view listed.

How do you draw on surface Catia?

3 Answers

  1. sketch the side profile of the buttons in a plane parallel to the front of the controller. if the buttons are mirror image of each other, just sketch one button.
  2. pad the sketch to define the button width.
  3. add fillets to round off the button ends.
  4. mirror the pad and fillets to make the second button.

What is surfacing in Catia?

CATIA Surfacing (Generative Shape Design) training course

CATIA’s Generative Shape Design Workbench contains surfacing tools for creating geometry that is otherwise impossible to make with standard part design tools, such as pads, revolves, sweeps, and multi-section solids.

How do I make surface solid in Catia?

How to convert enclosed surface to solid in CATIA?

  1. First of all join all the surfaces to which the solid has to be created.
  2. Go to Partdesign workbench.
  3. Select the surface and select the closed surface from the Surface based features.
  4. Then click on the ok button.
  5. Hide the surface to see the solid part.

What is Draft command?

Add Draft command. Add Draft command. Adds a draft angle to one or more part faces. To construct a simple draft feature, you first define a draft plane, then select the faces you want to draft, and finally you define the draft angle and direction.

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What is an example of a draft?

The definition of draft is something that is used for pulling, drawn from a cask or is in a rough form. An example of draft is a horse that pulls a beer truck. An example of draft is a beer on tap. An example of draft is a book without any corrections made.

What is meant by drafting in Catia?

CATIA V5 R21 – Drafting

The Drafting course teaches the essentials of the CATIA V5 Drafting workbench. You’ll learn how to create drawings and views, and add dimensions and annotations. You’ll also study geometry creation and modification, as well as dress-ups, borders, balloons, and customizations.

How do you shift a workbench into drafting?


  1. Press the. Draft Move button.
  2. Select the Modification → Move option from the menu.
  3. Use the keyboard shortcut: M then V.
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