How do I create an external parameter in CATIA?

How do I create parameters in Catia v5?

In the New Parameter of type pull-down lists, select Length and Multiple Values, then click the New Parameter of type button. In the Value list dialog box, enter the standard thickness values, and click OK to return to the Formulas dialog box. Rename the created parameter from Length. 1 to Thickness.

How do I enable parameters in Catia?

Displaying Parameters in the Specification Tree

The user parameters are displayed in the specification tree provided you check the Parameters box in the Display tab in the Tools>Options>Infrastructure>Part Infrastructure dialog box. The user parameter list contains at least the Material parameter.

What is external parameter?

This section of the initialization file is optional. Several such sections can be used. The parameters are integers that can be fixed by the user if needed. For example it may be useful to give a maximal dimension that some arrays can have.

How do I change parameters in Catia?

Updating parameters values

  1. Double-click the parameter in the specification tree. The Edit Parameter window is displayed.
  2. Right-click the value field of the window, and select Update Values… . The Value List window is displayed.
  3. Edit the values and click OK when done.
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What is a CAD parameter in Catia?

These features are called parameters . Parameters play a prominent role in Knowledgeware applications. They are features that can be constrained by relations and they can also be used as the arguments of a relation. In addition to these parameters, CATIA allows you to create user parameters .

How do you add relationships in Catia?

Creating Sets of Relations

  1. Click the icon, the Relations. 1 (or Relations. …
  2. Click either relation creation icon. …
  3. Click OK to display the next dialog box and enter the relation body.
  4. After you have finished specifying the new relation, click OK in the editor dialog box.

How do I enable trees in Catia?

When a white branch of the specification tree or the global axis (lower right hand corner) is selected it activates the spec tree and deactivates the model. Activating the spec tree allows the user to pan and zoom the tree vs the model. Select a white spec tree branch again or the global axis to re-activate the model.

How is an external parameter used with a function?

“The use of external parameter names can allow a function to be called in an expressive, sentence-like manner, while still providing a function body that is readable and clear in intent.”

What is internal parameter?

In other words Internal Parameter is a parameter that cannot be changed at runtime. An end user of a published report will never see this as a parameter.But a publisher can change parameter value any time in the manage options of the report.

What is external name in Swift?

When we define a swift function, we can provide function parameters to it, and each function parameter can have an external name and an internal name. External name is used by the caller to pass value to the parameter, internal name is used by the function body to get the parameter value.

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What is Catia knowledgeware?

Knowledgeware is a group of techniques that you can use to control parameters based on your knowledge of the model and its intended application. Incorporating Knowledgeware into model and analysis parameters allows other users to work with the model more effectively.

How do I use formulas in Catia?

In the Knowledge toolbar, select the Formula icon. In the New Parameter of type pull-down list, select Curve, then click the New Parameter of type button. Ensure that the created parameter Curve. 1 is highlighted in the list of parameters and click the Add Formula button.

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