How do I change the default drawing template in Solidworks?

How do I change the existing drawing template in SOLIDWORKS?

Change existing drawings to a NEW template.

  1. Open existing drawing.
  2. Right Mouse Button (RMB) on the drawing and choose Properties.
  3. In the Sheet Properties dialog box choose to browse for the new format.
  4. Browse to the folder where sheet formats were saved.

Where is the default template in SOLIDWORKS?

Click Options or Tools > Options. Select Default Templates. Click the appropriate browse button (Parts, Assemblies, or Drawings). In the New SOLIDWORKS Document dialog box, select the template you prepared and click OK.

How do I change the worksheet template in SOLIDWORKS?

To edit the drawing sheet format:

  1. Click Edit Sheet Format (Sheet Format toolbar), or Edit > Sheet Format, or right-click any blank area on the drawing sheet, or the sheet icon in the FeatureManager design tree, and click Edit Sheet Format.
  2. Edit the sheet format.
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Can you change part template SOLIDWORKS?

This can be done by file, open (change your file type to Template), browse to the folder where your existing part template is stored or by file, new and selecting the existing part template.

How do I change the scale of a drawing in Solidworks?

You can change the scale of a drawing sheet by selecting a scale from a predefined list or specifying a custom scale. To change the scale of an existing drawing sheet: In the status bar, click Sheet Scale and click a scale. If there are annotations in the drawing sheet, specify options in the dialog box and click OK.

How do I change the border in Solidworks?

Automatic Border

  1. In a drawing, click Edit Sheet Format (Sheet Format toolbar).
  2. Click Automatic Border (Sheet Format toolbar).
  3. Set options: On the first page of the Automatic Border PropertyManager, select items to delete from the sheet’s format. …
  4. Click .

How do I install a template in Solidworks 2020?

In the SOLIDWORKS software, click Options or Tools > Options. On the System Options tab, select File Locations. In Show folders for, select Document Templates. Click Add, browse to the folder you created in step 1, and click Select Folder.

Where is the new Solidworks Document dialog box?

To access the Options dialog box, do one of the following: Click Options on the Menu Bar toolbar, or Tools > Options. The Options dialog box appears with the System Options tab active. Right-click in the FeatureManager design tree area and select Document Properties.

How do I save a BOM template in Solidworks?

To save a SOLIDWORKS BOM Template file right-click on the bill of material and choose “Save As…” from the right-click menu. This will allow you to save the BOM template on your system where ever you like (The default location is “C:Program FilesSOLIDWORKS CorpSOLIDWORKSlangenglish”).

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How do I save a drawing template in Solidworks?

Saving Sheet Formats

  1. Click File > Save Sheet Format.
  2. Edit File name. You can overwrite standard formats or create custom formats. Sheet format files have extension . …
  3. Click Save. Custom properties in the document are saved with the sheet format and added to any new documents that use the format.

How do I change the sheet size in Solidworks 2021?

In an open drawing, you can change to a different sheet format. In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click Sheet Format and click Properties.

Sheet Format/Size

  1. Click New (Standard toolbar).
  2. Select Drawing , then click OK.
  3. Select from the following, then click OK.

Easy Way to Link Properties to a SOLIDWORKS Drawing

  1. Empty Title Block fields to be filled in with Custom Properties from the Part file. …
  2. Edit Sheet Format. …
  3. Using Link to Property to show the Custom Property in the Note. …
  4. Material and Weight fields are complete.

How many customized templates does SOLIDWORKS allow?

When first installing the software, you will be presented with a choice of three templates, Part, Assembly or Drawing, as shown in Figure 2. Figure 2. The three default out-of-the-box templates. These three templates provide you with out-of-the-box settings.

How do I create a template in SOLIDWORKS?

To create a template:

  1. Click New (Standard toolbar) or File > New.
  2. Double-click the type of template that you want to create: Part, Assembly, or Drawing.
  3. Click Options. …
  4. On the Document Properties tab, select options to customize your new document template, then click OK. …
  5. Click File > Save As.
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How do you change feature properties in SOLIDWORKS?

To edit feature properties:

  1. In the FeatureManager design tree or in the graphics area, select one or more features, then click Edit > Properties or right-click the features and select Feature Properties. …
  2. Enter a Name if desired.
  3. To suppress the feature, select Suppressed.
  4. Click OK.
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