How do I bring someone back in SketchUp?

How do I edit figures in SketchUp?

Here’s how the process works, using a cabinet as an example:

  1. With the Select tool ( ), select the geometry you want to scale. …
  2. Select the Scale tool ( ) or press the S key. …
  3. Click an edge or face grip (not a corner grip). …
  4. Move the cursor to scale the entity. …
  5. Click to set your selection’s new scale.

How do I change my default in SketchUp?

Your students can choose the default person by creating a new template.

  1. Delete the default person & add your new default person. I chose a skateboarder. …
  2. Save as Template.
  3. Name it. You can also set it as the default template.
  4. To change your template, go to Sketchup > Preferences > Template & choose one.

How do you simplify a component in SketchUp?

Select the component using SketchUp’s select tool. Then click the ‘Simplify Selection’ button in the Skimp toolbar. Drag the simplification slider or enter the desired percentage of reduction and press Enter or Return.

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