How do I add a revision cloud in Revit?

How do you edit revision clouds in Revit?

Click Modify | Revision Clouds tab Mode panel (Edit Sketch).

  1. In the project, click Manage tab Settings panel (Object Styles).
  2. Click the Annotation Objects tab.
  3. For Revision Clouds, change the values for Line Weight, Line Color, and Line Pattern.
  4. Click OK. These changes apply to all revision clouds in the project.

How do you add a revision triangle in Revit?

Enter Revision Information

  1. In the project, click View tab Sheet Composition panel (Sheet Issues/Revisions). …
  2. To add a new revision, click Add. …
  3. In the revision row, for Numbering, select Numeric, Alphanumeric, or None.
  4. For Date, enter the date on which the revisions are made or will be sent for review.

How do I add a revision table in Revit?

Add a Revision Schedule to a Title Block

  1. Open a title block for editing.
  2. (Optional) In the title block, sketch a border for the revision schedule area.
  3. Click View tab Create panel (Revision Schedule).
  4. On the Fields tab of the Revision Properties dialog, add the fields to include in the schedule.

What is a revision cloud Revit?

When you add a revision cloud to a view, by default Revit assigns the most recent revision to the cloud. If needed, you can assign a different revision to the cloud. You can assign one revision to each cloud, or assign the same revision to multiple clouds.

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How do I change revision name in Revit?

To see or change revision cloud properties, select a revision cloud in a view, and make changes on the Properties palette. The revision assigned to the cloud. To change the assigned revision, select a revision from the list. (See Enter revision information and Assign a revision to a revision cloud.)

How do you make a revision tag?

Open the view that contains revision clouds. Click Annotate tab Tag panel (Tag By Category). In the drawing area, select the revision clouds to tag. As you select each cloud, Revit LT displays a revision tag next to it.

Can you schedule revision clouds in Revit?

By default, the revision schedule on a sheet lists the revisions relating to revision clouds in the views of the sheet. If desired, you can list additional revisions on the revision schedule.

What is a drawing revision?

The term “Drawing Revision” refers to modifications that are made to a drawing after it has been signed and issued. The first revision to a drawing takes place after the initial issue of the drawing is signed and released for bid or construction.

What is a revision schedule?

When designing a title block, you can include a revision schedule. You can specify the information to include in the revision schedule. … When you add a sheet to a project, the revision schedule displays information about revisions in that project.

How do I change the current revision in Revit?

To mark a different revision: In a project view, select the revision cloud -> On the Options Bar, for Revision, select the desired revision from the list.

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