How can I get free BIM 360?

Is there a free version of BIM 360?

Our company started the project on the free version and invited all the other consultants to the project and they are also using the free version.

Is BIM free for students?

A free version of Autodesk BIM 360 is not currently available to students and educators.

Can you download BIM 360?

You can download models from BIM 360 Glue to your computer. Do one of the following: To download from the models page, make your selection, and right-click Download. To download an individual model, in the BIM 360 toolbar, click Models.

Do I need a license for BIM 360?

BIM 360 or Autodesk Construction Cloud users in Revit, Civil 3D, and Plant 3D will need a license in Autodesk Accounts as well as an invite to a project.

What is BIM 360 called now?

Effective February 9, 2021, BIM 360 Design™ software has been renamed and upgraded to BIM Collaborate Pro™. The software now offers new modules, including Model Coordination and Insights*, and access to the new Autodesk Construction Cloud platform at no additional cost.

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Is Autodesk a BIM 360?

BIM 360 is part of the Autodesk Construction Cloud, connecting workflows, teams, and data to help you build better.

Can students use BIM 360?

BIM 360 is available for use by students and educators only. Only applications using a valid school domain address will be accepted.

Is BIM a software?

What Is BIM Software? BIM software is 3D design and modeling software that can help optimize the work of designing for architecture, construction, plant, civil, and MEP projects. It does this by: Helping make better design decisions and improve building performance.

How do I download models from BIM 360 Glue?

After you log on you should see the projects assigned to you, click the project, on the left of the screen there are three big buttons, click the third one (Models), then click the list view, and navigate to the folder where the files you want to download are, select them and right click on any to download.

How do I save a Revit model from BIM 360?

Option 2:

  1. In Revit, open or create a model.
  2. Click Collaborate tab Manage Collaboration panel (Worksets).
  3. In the Worksets dialog, click OK.
  4. Click File tab (Save As).
  5. Select Cloud Model.
  6. In the Save as Cloud Model dialog, navigate to the desired project and folder on BIM 360. …
  7. Click Save. …
  8. Click Close to continue.

How do I export my BIM 360 model?


  1. Go to BIM 360 Team.
  2. Open the Content tab.
  3. Mark all the files that should be downloaded.
  4. Press the download button.
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How does BIM 360 licensing work?

Licenses are consumed by activating services within a BIM 360 account. Within a BIM 360 account, members can be assigned to any number of projects for which a service is activated and consume a single member license. There is no limit to the number of accounts to which a single member may be associated.

How do I assign a BIM 360 license?

To assign a BIM 360 Docs license to a user, the Project Admin needs to:

  1. Log into the BIM 360 Docs project.
  2. Go to the Project Admin page.
  3. Open the Members tab.
  4. Click the Add button to add a project member.
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