Frequent question: What is the orange dot in blender?

How do I get rid of the orange dot in blender?

Press Shift + C to reset the 3D cursor’s position to (0,0,0).

How do I center my cursor in Blender?

How to center an object in Blender?

  1. Press Shift+S.
  2. Choose Cursor to world center.
  3. Select your object.
  4. Press Shift+S.
  5. Choose Selection to cursor.

How do I change the origin of an object in Blender?

Object origin

  1. Switch to Object Mode (otherwise we will get an error saying the origin can’t be set in Edit Mode)
  2. Set origin to cursor ( Space , search for “Set Origin”, Then choose “Origin to 3D Cursor”. Or Ctrl-Alt-Shift-C ).
  3. Set postion to Z=0.
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