Frequent question: What is a working drawing CAD?

What is meant by a working drawing?

Definition of working drawing

: a scale drawing of an object to be made or structure to be built intended for direct use by the workman — compare detail drawing.

What are working drawings used for?

Working drawings provide graphical, and dimensioned information. This data can be used by the contractors to build their work or help suppliers to create parts of the work or install/assemble the components.

How can we determine if it is a working drawing?

It will be clearly labeled with a part number and name, It may include several views of the object–top, front and side–and a projection view. These drawings are annotated with information, including overall and detail dimensions, tolerances, materials, and treatments.

What is the difference between working drawing and presentation drawing?

Presentation drawings

Drawings intended to explain a scheme and to promote its merits. Working drawings may include tones or hatches to emphasize different materials, but they are diagrams, not intended to appear realistic.

What should be included in working drawings?

Building plans

  • Building plans are called the working drawings for a building because they’re what the various tradespeople use to carry out the work. Often the term ‘building plans’ is simply shortened to ‘plans’. …
  • Site plan. …
  • Floor plan. …
  • Elevation. …
  • Section. …
  • Detail.
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